Picture Puzzle: Can you spot the odd animal from the image in 15 seconds?

These images work really well to test your ability to observe, making picture puzzles one of the most fascinating games around. To solve these puzzles using these photographs, you must pay close attention. Social media is a wonderful venue for seeing these kinds of photographs since the solution is frequently concealed inside the picture, but finding it requires focus. We have a fresh Brain Teaser Puzzle Challenge for you to complete today. Numerous identical animal faces of the same sort can be seen in this image, but only one animal face stands out somewhat from the others. You will win this challenge if you can identify the outlier in the image in 15 seconds.

On social media, this image is going crazy viral. Before beginning this task, remember that you are not required to ask for aid. You will fail this challenge if you locate the answer within the allotted 12 seconds, therefore before you begin, we suggest you carefully examine the image because you only have a little time.

Are you up for the challenge of this photo puzzle? 

Get ready.

Your allotted 15 seconds have begun.

A few seconds remain, so hurry.

Have you seen the strange animal? No?

I’ll give you a hint.

Hint: Odd one animal face is on the left of the image.

Quick, the timer is ticking.

Stop, the time is up. 

Thank you for using this hint to help you discover the odd one-out animal. The answer is shown in the image below for those of you who are still looking.

The cutest animals in the world

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