Picture Puzzle: Find the odd scrub from the picture in 15 seconds

On social media accounts, there are frequently brainteasers that put your abilities to the test. Due to the high degree of attention needed to solve image puzzles, these challenges also significantly improve our ability to concentrate. This Image Puzzle task features a picture of multiple cleaning scrubs with one scrub that differs somewhat from the others in between them. You have 15 seconds to locate this scrub. But until you discover the lone scrub, you can’t finish this job. This image puzzle test will be failed if you solve it with someone else’s assistance.

Let’s start the challenge now. 

Have you prepared?

Find the anomaly starting right now and for the following 15 seconds.

Have you seen the odd scrub in the picture?

Stop! Time is up.

Congratulations if you sometimes see a scrub; if not, don’t be discouraged. The graphic below shows the answer to this quandary.

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