“Place of Joy and Love”: Exclusive Peek into Keke Palmer’s Son Leo’s Nursery

The actress known for saying “Nope,” who is 30 years old, worked with West Elm to make her 8-month-old son Leo’s nursery using their Baby and Kids collection. She created a lovely and comfy space for her little boy. She used blue and yellow colors and added various zoo animals around the room to make it appealing.

She explained, “When I thought about how I wanted Leo’s nursery to feel, I knew I wanted it to be calm and cozy, as well as beautiful and welcoming. Both Leo and I enjoy spending time in there. It’s not just a room; it’s a happy and loving place.”

The nursery has light blue walls with posters of the alphabet and different animals. The door is painted in a bright yellow color, which matches the yellow in the sun-themed rug. The crib and a nearby side table are dark wood, and there’s a comfortable white chair for reading next to the crib. There’s also a wooden bookshelf with painted animals, and a stuffed giraffe adds to the cozy reading corner.

She has a son with Darius Jackson.

On Halloween, the proud mom and her son dressed up as characters from the old horror movie “Bride of Frankenstein.” She dressed as the bride, and her son was scientist Henry Frankenstein. She said, “He gave me LIFE,” referring to their roles in the movie.

In March, the Emmy-winning actress called being a mom her “greatest gig.” In an Instagram post, she shared a picture of herself smiling at her son in a stroller against the New York City skyline. She talked about how being a mom is a new and wonderful experience for her.

In September, Palmer talked to PEOPLE about being a single mom. She advised other single moms to take care of themselves and do things that make them happy. She emphasized the importance of self-care and making choices that may seem selfish but are necessary to be the best mom they can be. She said, “If Mama’s not right, then baby can’t be right.”

She encouraged single moms to take care of themselves and have fun so that they can be in good spirits for their children.

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