Psychological picture test: what do you need right now?

If a person does not know what his soul needs to calm and normalize life, then everything starts to go downhill. Would you like to acquire harmony? Then why don’t you look into your dire need? A psychological test with pictures will help you understand exactly what you need. In addition, you will receive advice to improve your life.

Take a quick test.

The presented test will not take you much time. He bases on color psychology. The subconscious reacts to colors and shapes. But that’s exactly it that stores all our secret desires and hidden needs. In order to connect with your subconscious mind you need to:

  • For starters, just relax and focus on taking the test.
  • Think about what you care about the most and what you need.
  • Now take a look at the selected collage of pictures of flowers.
  • Which of the images appeals to you the most?

It is very important that you rely only on your inner instinct. Only intuition can tell you the exact answer. Logic will not help you in this matter.

Take the test and find out what you need right now

Here is a breakdown of each drawing. Find the flower of your choice by number and read the answer.

1. You don’t have enough peace. There are constant quarrels in the family, and a tense atmosphere reigns at work. You just need emotional rest now. Otherwise, you will get depressed.

2. You need affection. Even if you have relatives nearby, you still don’t get it! Find the person who can give you warmth and pleasant care.

3. You just need to be active in life. You think it’s all over or you don’t give a damn about everything. You need to find a goal that you want to achieve!

4. Your subconscious is telling you that you need a change of scenery. You are so bored with everything that it is time to take action. Make repairs, change jobs, or at least go on vacation!

5. You need a tense situation to resolve. For this, you will have to try, but this is what will solve all your problems.

6. Your spiritual need is for love. You are sorely lacking. It’s time to get on with your personal life and start taking action.

In psychology, color associations are considered the most important assistant for influencing the human subconscious. If you followed the rules, you got a 100% result. Follow the tips and you will succeed!

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