Psychological test: choose a color and find out what it says about your character

Choose one of the colors below and find out what your choice says about your personality.


Perhaps you yourself do not notice this, but you feel the need for the care of others. Sometimes you experience a feeling of loneliness, but this is always short-lived, as you quickly drive away from the longing. At such moments, you especially acutely feel misunderstanding and vulnerability.

You should probably be in solitude, sort yourself out, relax. You are a strong person and know how to control yourself, however, do not forget to allow yourself weaknesses.


Those who choose gray are very reasonable people in life. “In the heat of the moment,” they rarely act. In addition, these are closed people who do not dedicate others to their lives. Only relatives know about the plans of these people. They keep their inner world under lock and key and really open up in their lives to only one or two people.

Those who choose gray prefer not to stand out due to the surroundings, expressiveness is also not your thing, all the most important is hidden inside…


This color is chosen by sensitive and expressive personalities. They may well give vent to feelings, completely ignoring what others think of them.

In addition, such people are quite quick-tempered, but they usually do not have malicious intent. They have a fire raging inside, they have incredible potential… even when they are sure that their strength is running out, they are still capable of a lot.


Brown is preferred by people who stand firmly on their feet. They do not like to build castles in the air, do not hover in the clouds, do not give themselves to empty dreams. Instead, they make plans to achieve goals. They love real life and do everything to make it bring joy and a sense of satisfaction. And they are also emotionally strong people who prefer to make all decisions on their own.


In a word, intellectuals. It is these people who usually choose yellow. They are easy-going, polite, and friendly. Sociability is their main weapon. They genuinely enjoy being able to please and attract people. Optimists to the core are never discouraged. And that draws people to them and makes them fall in love.


The blue color is chosen by calm natures, which are not characterized by emotional outbursts. They value a sense of security in life. This concerns not only financial stability but also relationships, friendship, love, family, etc. For these people, there is a very important meaning of life – they desire harmony, peace. They have a rich inner world, many talents, and peace can help them manifest these talents.


Green is chosen by people who are wary of other people’s influence. It is very important for them to be independent and strong. The fact that they have a huge life potential suggests that they are always looking for opportunities to prove themselves. When they feel the confidence and support of others, they are capable of a lot. They thoroughly approach all undertakings and can easily overcome difficulties if there is a reliable shoulder nearby.

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