Puzzle: Can you find the hidden snake in the image within 8 seconds?

Picture Puzzles are incredibly intriguing visuals that work wonders for sharpening your focus. Most significantly, though, these images may greatly enhance your observational abilities. As usual, we are once again here for you with an intriguing image as we continue to offer you fresh puzzle images. The concealed snake between the flower pots must be found in today’s challenge.

There are six flower pots in the puzzle image that are all black and have various plants on them. There is also a snake that must be located in the puzzle image within 8 seconds. You will win if you locate the solution within the allotted time; else, you will lose this challenge. You must click on “start” only when we urge you to do so after setting a timer on your watch or phone for 8 seconds prior to that.

Are you up for the challenge of this photo puzzle? Yes? 

Remember that you are not required to accept assistance from anyone.

Your 8-second timer now begins.

Have you noticed the snake in the image? No?

I’ll give you a hint now.

Hint: The snake is hidden on the first row of the image.

There are 3 seconds left, so hurry.

Stop! The time is up for you. 

Have you located the snake that is concealed in the image? If so, many thanks for the congrats. If you’re still looking for it, don’t be discouraged; you can find the solution to this puzzle in the image below.

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