Puzzle: Can you find the mouse hidden in the picture within 5 seconds?

Since you have to pay close attention to uncovering anything concealed or in it, optical illusion IQ tests are particularly good at evaluating your mental capacity. It’s common for optical illusion pictures to become viral on social media, and today we’ve included one of those pictures where you have to search for the mouse that’s been concealed in the background. Many social media users asserted that this particular optical illusion is difficult to understand, and many stated that they were unable to find the Hidden Monkey in this optical illusion.

Today, in the Optical Illusion Challenge, we put your mind to the test to see how quickly you can locate the concealed mouse. If you locate the monkey in the allotted period of 5 seconds, you will be declared the challenge’s victor. You should carefully examine the image before beginning since you only have a little time to locate the solution.

Are you up for the challenge? Yes? 

You may now begin your 5-second time.

Hurry up, the clock is ticking!

Have you seen the Mouse?

If so, a heartfelt congratulations to you as the challenge’s victor. The answer to the challenge is shown in the image below for those who are still looking for the hidden mouse.

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