Puzzle: Find the odd one Canadian Maple leaf in 6 seconds

All around Canada, including on the flags of the Canadian Armed Forces, the maple leaf may be seen on coats of arms and banners. The stylized 11-point maple leaf is the name of the precise pattern of the maple leaf that appears in the middle of the Canadian national flag. You have a fascinating task in Picture Puzzle today where you have six seconds to find the lone maple leaf. You will win this challenge if you can solve this puzzle in less than six seconds.
There are hundreds of maple leaves in the challenge we’ve provided for you today in Brain Teaser Puzzle. One of these, which you must locate in only six seconds, differs differently from the rest. Some brain teasers’ complexity is dependent on how intuitively flawed people may be. It is essential that you carefully examine this image before we begin the challenge so that you can identify the solution within the allotted time.

Remember that you have only six seconds to locate the maple leaf.

Your time to compete has begun…

Are there any peculiar maple leaves that you noticed?

I’ll give you a hint now.

Clue: The odd maple leaf is on the 5th, 6th, or 7th row of the picture.

You must have seen the strange leaf, I’m sure of it.

If so, you are the challenge’s winner and a genius. Do not be discouraged if you were unable to identify it after receiving the tip; you may verify the answer to this photo puzzle challenge in the place that has been highlighted in the image.

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