Queen Camilla Gets Support for Kate Middleton After Cancer Announcement: ‘Catherine Will Be Thrilled’

Queen Camilla Surrounded by Heartfelt Support for Kate Middleton Amid Cancer Battle: 😊 ‘Catherine Will Be Thrilled’ 💖

Queen Camilla received special messages for Kate Middleton after she announced she has cancer.

On Wednesday, the Queen, 76, visited a market and talked to people for the first time since Kate, 42, said she was getting chemotherapy for cancer.

The Queen met two girls who made posters for Kate. The posters said “Send our love to Kate.” The Queen promised to give the posters to Kate.

A video showed the Queen accepting the posters and saying she will send them to Kate.

Someone also gave the Queen a drawing of her and King Charles. The drawing showed them smiling together.

The Queen also looked at food and crafts at the market. She signed a visitor’s book at Old Market Hall.

She met beekeepers and wore bee brooches.

Then, she went to a place called Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings to learn about a project. She met volunteers from different groups there.

Queen Camilla has been working while King Charles is getting treatment for cancer.

The Queen recently had a reception at Clarence House. She talked to Helena Bonham Carter there. The palace said the Queen will keep doing her work, and King Charles has been having meetings.

Other royal family members are also doing work, including Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh.

People close to Kate hope she will get better soon and come back stronger.

A former palace worker said the royal family is going through a tough time, but they are dedicated to their roles. They think Kate will come back even more passionate when she recovers.

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