Quick Quiz: What Your Finger Length Can Tell You About You

Have you ever wondered what the structure of your fingers can tell about you? It turns out that the length and shape of the thumb can tell a lot about a person. Of course, this is just a theory that does not have any scientific evidence, but still, we propose to check how true these judgments are. Let`s start? First, take a good look at your thumb, and let’s get started.


Both halves of the phalanx are approximately the same length.

This speaks of the balance and absolute calmness of a person. As a rule, such people are very straightforward, have developed imagination, and have a sharp mind.


The upper half of the phalanx is larger than the lower half.

Such people are characterized by incredible devotion and loyalty. At the same time, they are very open and sincere in communication and attract others like a magnet.


The upper half of the phalanx is smaller than the lower half.

People with a similar feature of the phalanges are very honest and reliable. You can rely on them. They are distinguished by a sober view of the world and determination.

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