Quiz: How many birds do you see among cats? Your answer will reveal a lot about you

Psychological tests have become very popular in recent years. And sometimes when psychologists evaluate, analyze, and try to understand our psychological state, they use a number of precise techniques that are sometimes beyond our control.

Many tests were developed by different specialists who studied the behavior of the human psyche. These tests were designed so that the people who take them subconsciously choose what their intuition tells them.

Today we have prepared a short test that will allow you to find out a little more about your personality. All you need to do is take a close look at the picture and answer a simple question:

How many birds do you see in the picture?

If you saw 1 to 3 birds

If you saw from 1 to 3 birds, then you are not a very attentive person. You do not care about small details, you are one of those people who make decisions quickly.

You think that everything in the world is interconnected because we are also part of something much larger than ourselves, and this makes you believe in the power of the collective. You believe in unity and therefore you are a great team member and a good leader.

You have the ability to see things beyond their true meaning. You see things differently than others, but that doesn’t make you selfish or embittered.

You try to stand firmly on your feet, you know your strengths and weaknesses and you know what you are capable of. You are someone who believes in success and you don’t care what other people think of you.

If you saw 4 to 6 birds

If you have counted 4 to 6 birds, then you are definitely very serious about the little things in all situations. You are a perfectionist, quite a reasonable person, and you are always focused on the tasks at hand.

You face relatively little difficulty in achieving your goals. However, sometimes you can neglect some things a little. But sometimes this is normal and you may have already noticed it.

You are also the one who always hopes that everything will turn out well, and therefore you often plan everything in order to be able to control what you have planned. You have no problem repeating or looking for something, especially if you know it will help you achieve your goals.

You are the one who is confident. But sometimes, because of this attitude, you underestimate some things, and this can cause certain disappointments. Even so, it’s hard to get confused because you’re always moving forward.

If you saw 7 or more birds

If you saw 7 or more birds, then you are a very attentive and meticulous person. You have the ability to perceive and see many things that other people simply cannot see or sometimes understand.

When you have a job, you usually do it conscientiously, without missing anything, in order to achieve perfection. You make sure everything goes the way you want.

You like to do things methodically, following rules or a set of instructions. But remember that your excessive attention to detail can be used in other situations.

Your persistence and commitment to excellence often make you insecure about the results. We advise you to go with the flow sometimes and not always take it too seriously!

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