Quiz: What did you see first in the picture?

Quickly take a close look at the picture.

What did you see first?

Choose one option and read the predictions of your future!

Light bulb – soon you will gain clarity in your affairs and undertakings, so to speak, you will light up from the inside. Possible incarnations of this will be a new good idea, an interesting project, or personal and family happiness. In any case, your business will go uphill.

The tree is a symbol of wisdom and time. This means that not far off you will meet with someone who will give you really important and wise advice that you need so much. The personality of this person will open you to a new view of the world.

Fisherman – now you are not having the easiest period in your life, filled with important and responsible work that requires a maximum return. But do not be afraid some effort and perseverance will help you pull out a goldfish.

Sky– in the foreseeable future, you will know the name of a person who treats you unkindly.

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