QUIZ: What did you see first?

Are you still haunted by the problems of the past? This simple test will decipher them in detail and give you useful advice.

Tell us what you saw first, and we will decipher the whole truth about your past.

If you see a skull:

You are a melancholy person who sometimes feels that the past was better. Your main problem has always been the ability to make the right choice and make an important decision. For this reason, you prefer to stay in your comfort zone, and that comfort in some cases means staying in the past. You need to let go of your past in order to move forward. Take the first step: after that, everything will change for the better!

If you saw Pierrot:

You are probably the kind of person who doesn’t mind letting go of their past. Your main problem has always been the desire for change. But you never ventured into them. You know you can’t move forward if you don’t look back. That’s why when you feel stuck in your past, you become overwhelmed and need to make changes in your life.

If you saw Malvina:

You are a person for whom the comfort zone that you managed to establish is too important, and you do not want to go beyond it. But you understand that this is the main problem in your life. You want everything to remain the way it is now because you are already comfortable! But we live in constant motion, and everything is always changing. You must be confident in your actions and not be afraid of everything new that can happen to you!

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