Quiz: Which of the guys is rich?

There are many types of thinking, but psychologists distinguish three main ones: abstract, logical, and practical. If you want to know what your mindset is, you can take a very simple mindfulness test.



All you have to do is just look at the picture of three men and answer one question: “Which of the men is rich”? Already chosen? In this case, read the transcript of your test!

Man #1

If you chose this man, it means that you did not notice the plaques on his belt. She says that he is definitely not rich! After all, this part is an undeclared company.

Leaving aside the fact that you were wrong, it is worth concentrating on how your thinking worked. After all, it is abstract!

This means that you have the ability to think creatively. You can solve the problem by approaching it from a non-standard side. Such people need to connect their lives with work that requires a creative approach.

Man #2

Your choice fell on this man? You have a practical mind. And although you have not found a rich man, you can be sure that you have chosen the most practical option.

The thing is that you look at things as follows: it is important for you to save on things that are not really necessary and spend your money in the necessary direction. You sure know how to handle money!

You can be an economist and a good businessman. You have the same vein that will help you get back on your feet and properly distribute all the resources. After all, you are a truly practical person.

Man #3

You are the guru of logic! You have found a man who is truly a rich man. He is wearing the most unpretentious clothes, which are definitely branded. It’s all about thinking logically.

You know how to notice even the smallest details! It is simply impossible to deceive you. You bring any person to clean water. Your logical thinking will help you cope with even the most difficult tasks.

You are good at reading people, which means that you can become an excellent psychologist. Choose a profession that is related to people or technology. In these areas, you can definitely succeed.

Knowing what type of thinking you have, you will be able to correctly operate situations and choose the right field of activity for yourself. So you can achieve success and arrange your life as harmoniously as possible.

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