Quiz: Which of the people is not who he claims to be?

We offer an easier and more realistic option that will not take much time and effort. All that is required of you is a little attention to detail and analysis of the collected facts. Let’s move on to the problem: look carefully at the picture, which of these characters wants to kidnap the child?

Look closely, someone clearly planned the kidnapping, but who among those present will commit a crime? Which of them is clearly insincere?

Do not rush to scroll down if you do not want to know the answer ahead of time.

Pay attention to details.

So, are you ready for the answer?



Answer: a woman who only pretends to be pregnant! She is wearing heels, which obviously does not fit in with her pregnancy, because in this state the additional load goes to her legs, so heels are clearly not the best shoes for a pregnant woman. She also has dyed hair, which is also not recommended, and even more so, note that she drinks coffee! The caffeine won’t help a baby, so this woman obviously doesn’t know the intricacies of early motherhood, which leads us to her faking it to kidnap the baby!

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