“Rebel Wilson Shares Exclusive”: Daughter Royce’s First Word and Favorite – ‘Heartwarming Moment’

🌟 Exclusive Peek into Rebel Wilson’s Heartwarming Journey! Discover the adorable first word from her daughter Royce that will leave you melting 😍 Don’t miss out!

In a talk with PEOPLE magazine and some special photoshoot before her book Rebel Rising: A Memoir came out, the actress, 44, shared that her daughter Royce, who is 16 months old, had reached some big moments, like saying her first word.

“It really surprises me how much she makes me feel happy,” Wilson tells PEOPLE. “And when she says ‘Mama,’ it just makes me melt. It’s her new favorite word, and it was her first word ever. It just makes you feel warm inside.”

“I thought I would be a strict parent, but turns out, I’m not,” the comedian adds.

Thinking back on how her surrogate got pregnant with Wilson’s “last viable embryo,” Wilson talks about how much of a “miracle” it felt like when she met her newborn daughter.

“She opens her eyes, and she looks at us. We’re a family now. I’m 42 years old, and I have a baby,” Wilson says. “I’m a mother. It feels like a miracle.”

Wilson and her fiancée Ramona Agruma share the responsibility of raising their daughter.

In January, the three of them shared some sweet photos on Instagram as they celebrated New Year’s Day together. Wearing matching beige outfits, Wilson and Agruma smiled together while Royce laughed.

“2024’s already GREAT! 😘,” Wilson wrote alongside the pictures.

In November, they celebrated Royce’s first birthday together, and Wilson shared a look at the party. The celebration was filled with colorful decorations and treats.

In one video, Royce, dressed in a pink dress with gold fairy wings and a first birthday bib, giggled and clapped as her mom said, “Happy birthday, Roycieeee!”

In August, Wilson happily told PEOPLE that 2023 was the “Year of Family” as they settled into parenthood and prepared to get married.

“We are building our family unit and figuring out how we do things as a new little family,” she said, adding that her favorite part of the day is spending time with her daughter after work.

“I play with Royce, I tickle her, and I help put her to bed. She just makes my heart melt,” she shared.

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