“Rihanna Before Fame”: From Teenage Creativity to Global Stardom

Hidden story of a young Rihanna, unleashing her creativity in Barbados at just 14! 🌟 From designing costumes to modeling, her journey to stardom starts here! 💃

Before Rihanna became famous all around the world for singing and fashion, she was already being creative at just 14 in Barbados. Back then, she was known as Robyn. She worked with a designer named Anwar Muhammad to make outfits for a street festival. Muhammad remembered how Rihanna and her friends would come to his workshop a lot to help with costumes for Crop Over.

Muhammad said Rihanna was very focused and worked hard on the project, standing out from her friends. He also remembered a nice moment when they picked cherries from a neighbor’s tree, which later inspired her Fenty skincare brand.

Even though she’s super successful now, Rihanna hasn’t forgotten where she came from. She often talks about Barbados in her music and was made an ambassador for the country in 2018. Rihanna said she’s proud to represent Barbados and wants to help her country however she can.

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