Rihanna Explains Why She Wanted Her Sons’ Hair Braided: ‘It’s Part of Our Heritage’

Rihanna’s Heartfelt Reason Behind Braiding Her Sons’ Hair 😍 Unveiling a Tradition Rooted in Heritage 🌿

Rihanna, the singer known for “Disturbia,” is talking about why she likes to braid her hair. She says it’s a way to express herself and try out new styles. Since becoming a mom to her two sons, RZA and Riot, with her partner A$AP Rocky, she feels even more strongly about it.


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Rihanna says braiding hair is important because it’s something our ancestors did for protection. It helps us remember where we come from and our history. She wanted her kids to have braided hair too, because it’s part of their heritage.

In August, Rihanna and Rocky welcomed their second son, Riot Rose. They shared some sweet photos as a family of four in the fall. Rihanna held Riot while Rocky carried RZA on his shoulders. RZA looked cute in a little jacket from Rihanna’s clothing line. They also took pictures playing with Riot on a blanket.

In a talk with Page Six in December, Rihanna talked about how her relationship with Rocky has grown deeper since having kids. She loves seeing him as a dad and thinks he’s a great leader. Her kids really like him too.

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