Sara Haines Opens Up About the Intense Pressure to Start a Family After Marrying at 37: Feeling the ‘Tick Tock!

Sara Haines’ candid journey navigating the intense pressure to start a family after marrying at 37! 🕒👶 Don’t miss her heartfelt revelations and insights! 🌟

Sara Haines and her husband Max Shifrin didn’t wait long to start a family after they got married in 2014. Sara was eager to have kids and wanted to get married quickly, even within five months. She was worried about her age affecting her ability to have children.

Sara, who is 46 years old, shares three kids with Max: Sandra Grace, 5, Alec Richard, 7, and Caleb Joseph, 4. When they were planning their wedding, Sara was very focused on having babies. Max, who is 40, wasn’t as ready as Sara. He thought he had more time to be single before settling down.


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Their different views caused some problems early in their marriage. Max thought they could have enjoyed a few years together before having kids, but Sara felt pressure because of her age. She was 37 and felt like time was running out.

After they got married, Sara’s family immediately started asking when they would have babies. This pressure made Sara feel like she had to have kids right away. Her dad even jokes that her first child was an “immaculate conception.”


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Sara often shares pictures and videos of her family on Instagram. In 2020, she said she feels complete with three kids but sometimes struggles with guilt as a working mom when she has to be away from them. She tries her best to balance work and family like everyone else.

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