Say what you saw first in the picture and find out what threatens you now!

Our subconscious mind is a real treasure trove. After all, it stores a variety of data about our personality, past, future, and present. Turning to the subconscious, you can find out everything you want. You may even receive a warning. The subconscious mind can tell you about the threat hanging over you!

In order to establish the desired contact, we will use a visual trigger. This is how the subconscious can communicate with us.

It’s up to you! It is necessary that you follow the rules:

  • First, close your eyes and relax.
  • Then take a few deep breaths in and out.
  • Focus on your own personality.
  • Imagine that a dark cloud is hanging over you.
  • Take a quick look at the picture.
  • Answer the question: what was the first thing you saw?

You just need to name what you saw first. Below you can find a transcript of your “vision”.


If you noticed the cat in the first place, then you can safely say that the strongest threat comes from your ill-wishers! Someone is very jealous of you and wants to harm you very much. This person is not your friend, but he tries to seem like one. Think about whether there are such people in your environment?

You should stop communicating with suspicious people. Most likely, the well-wisher hid at work among colleagues or business partners.


Vigilance and slowness – that’s what can save you from the impending threat. It will come to you financially. Perhaps you will be offered a deal or maybe invest in some business. It can also be a person who asks for a large amount – he will not return it to you!

Avoid large purchases or transactions. Don’t lend money anytime soon and watch your pockets. You can be robbed!


Now you should reconsider your life values ​​and position. Perhaps you are too critical of something. They became suspicious and distrustful. Strange as it may seem, it is these feelings that can lead you to inevitable trouble.

Perhaps you have become jealous and do not trust your soulmate. Maybe you suspect your friends of something. Most likely, these feelings are deceptive!


You are now too relaxed! And they did it in all directions. In relationships, at work, about yourself. This will not lead to good! You need to get together, otherwise, trouble will come to you in all spheres of life.

Get yourself in order. Pay more attention to your significant other. Don’t put things off until later. That’s the only way you can avoid trouble.

Be sure to take all the advice into account. They will help you prevent trouble and avoid trouble. If you want to help your friends, then be sure to send them a link to this test. They will be very grateful to you!

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