“Seven Children and a Beautiful Wife”: What Does the Large Family of Omar Sy, the Main Character of the Film “1 + 1”, Look Like!

The actor who portrayed the black assistant shot to fame when the movie “1 + 1” hit the big screen.

After playing this illustrious part, an artist by the name of Omar started receiving offers to shoot movies and even work as a model in advertisements. Many moviegoers have zero knowledge of his true existence.

He met his future wife while he was quite young. His parents did not want them to be married since they were against their relationship. However, the man persisted in living alone, and the couple soon started cohabitating.

They delayed getting married, but by the time they did, they already had three lovely children. They have since become parents to seven kids! The actor routinely shares photos of his family on his Twitter.

Numerous people follow the actor and his wife on Instagram since they use it frequently. Don’t they have a wonderful, wise family?

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