“She’s In His Shadow!” How The Daughter Of Gerard Depardieu Looks Now

Currently, Julie Depardieu is regarded as one of France’s most well-known actors. She appeared in several movies and television shows and has won numerous accolades in her field. The artist persistently denied her relationship with Gerard Depardieu throughout this period and even chose to get a surgical procedure to remove the likeness to him.

The truth is that Gerard neglected to give his son Guillaume and daughter Julie the attention they deserved from an early age. Little Julie’s father was essentially replaced by the older brother once the kids were left to their own ways. Because the future artist disliked the large nose she inherited from Gerard, this led to several appearance-related issues. She didn’t want to be an actor since she didn’t want to do anything to resemble the well-known artist.

The celebrity’s complexes were preventing her from living more and more, so Guillaume gave her a really kind gift for her 20th birthday. The older brother funded his sister’s cosmetic surgery, which modified the appearance of her nose. The future star, however, needed as many as five procedures to finally get the ideal outcome.

She then entered the film industry and started to build a career. But in practically every interview, reporters sought to learn how much her well-known father supported her and helped her succeed. Julie acknowledges that having a well-known surname simply made things more difficult for her.

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