“Sibling Love”: Children of Mila Kunis were noticed caring for each other

These adorable siblings sincerely love each other!

Photojournalists managed to catch the children of Mila Kunis on camera. The adorable siblings love each other sincerely. The emotional shot left no one indifferent. Fans rushed to leave positive comments on the photos.

The children were accompanying their mother on a walk. Kunis was wearing a matching sweatshirt and gray joggers.

Mila complemented her outfit with black sneakers and her hair was put in a ponytail. In the photo the actress is holding her son’s hand. Dmitry was dressed in a blue T-shirt and shorts. Apparently, the boy had just finished his lessons and was on his way home.

As for her daughter, Wyatt looks just like her mother. The little girl wore a sweatshirt and complemented her outfit with sneakers.

As the family rarely goes out in public, it’s difficult for paparazzi to catch them. That’s why there are only a few photos of the children and the family in general.

The couple married in 2015. The spouses firs met each other on set of the sitcom “That ’70s show”. In 2014, the had a daughter – Wyatt. And Dmitry – their son – was born in 2017.

In one of her interviews, Mila admitted that she was still madly in love with her husband – Ashton Kutcher. She can’t imagine her life without him. Sometimes it seems to the actress, that it’s the two of them against the whole world.

What do you think about this family?

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