Spot the INDIAN Flag in the image within 5 seconds: Challenge

People from all around the country are taking part in the “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign as India celebrates its 75th anniversary of independence with great fanfare. We’ve got an optical illusion picture challenge for you today in honor of August 15th. You have three seconds to discover the hidden Indian flag in this image.

The image we’ve provided to test your memory features flags from several different nations in honor of India’s 76th Independence Day celebrations. You have just five seconds to locate the Indian flag that is concealed among all of these other flags. When we begin this assignment, take a closer look at the image.

Your five seconds have begun. 

The time is up for you! 

Did you see the Indian flag?

Congratulations if the answer is yes; if not, the answer is shown by a circle in the figure below.

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