Still unknown Elon Musk, Tsoi-stoker, and 12 archival photos of celebrities

The start of the celebrity journey…

Maybe in your youth, you thought that one of your friends or acquaintances would go far, but until the person becomes famous, you don’t know for sure about this. But after the fact, you can start showing off your acquaintance and even get archival photographs to show the world the beginning of the celebrity journey … Do you have such acquaintances?

1. Tatyana Dogileva

2. Alla Pugacheva and Nicholas Orbakas with their daughter Christina

3. Fedor Bondarchuk

4. Dmitry Nagiev

5. Viktor Tsoi

6. Boris Yeltsin

7. Barbara Brylska

8. Elizabeth II

9. Princess Diana in the mid-90s

10. Cameron Diaz, 1990

11. Elijah Wood and Scarlett Johansson, 90s

12. 17-year-old Elon Musk

13. Anthony Hopkins

14. Jackie Chan and Pierre Richard

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