Sydney Sweeney Expresses Expectation of Motherhood at a Young Age

In an interview with Variety three weeks prior to the commencement of the SAG-AFTRA strike, the 25-year-old actress engaged in a conversation about her recent film “Echo Valley,” in which she stars alongside Julianne Moore. During the discussion, she delved into the ways in which fame has altered the course of her life.

Reflecting on her aspirations for a career as enduring as Julianne Moore’s, Sweeney expressed her desire for a “healthy balance,” confessing that she had anticipated becoming a young mother by this point in her life.

“I’ve always envisioned myself as a young mother,” she shared. “While I have a deep affection for acting, the industry, and producing, it all feels somewhat incomplete without the prospect of sharing it with a family.”

Sweeney went on to envision her future, stating, “In due time, I see myself having four children who will be constant companions on my journey, accompanying me wherever I go and becoming my closest friends.”

Engaged to Jonathan Davino, 38, Sweeney’s engagement was first noticed when she was spotted wearing a diamond ring on her left hand on February 28. PEOPLE later confirmed the engagement on March 2.

The couple’s relationship dates back to 2018, with their earliest photographs together taken in October of that year. Davino’s family is associated with 14th Round and Finalbell, companies specializing in device technology and packaging.

Despite her public silence about her relationship, Sweeney made her debut on the cover of Cosmopolitan in January, discussing her decision to keep her romantic life private.

“I steer clear of individuals in the limelight,” she remarked to the publication. “My choice to avoid actors, musicians, or those within the entertainment sphere allows me to be simply Syd, without complications. I’m fortunate to have a solid support network.”

Expanding on this, she added, “I have people who will fight on my behalf and enable me to shine without any reservations of outshining others.”

When asked about the qualities she seeks in a partner, the actress revealed, “I search for a true confidant. I require someone with whom I can spend limitless hours, never tiring of their company, sharing laughter every day.”

In May, Sweeney and Davino were seen in New York City, shortly after attending an Armani Beauty event. Their night out at Tao Hospitality Group’s Sake No Hana featured coordinated all-black ensembles.

Sweeney sported knee-high black leather boots and an oversized leather jacket over a short black dress with tights. Meanwhile, Davino showcased a black leather coat over a dark tee, complemented by jeans and black boots. In one of the snapshots from their evening, Davino’s arm was draped around Sweeney’s back.

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