Test illusion: What was the first thing you saw in the picture?

Associative psychological tests are highly accurate and reliable. However, very often during their passage, people themselves make serious mistakes.

For example, we choose not the option that we like the most, but the one that we consider correct. This also reduces accuracy.

That is why various illusion tests are now gaining popularity. Their passage is very simple and will not take serious effort and time.

Image analysis

It is necessary to carefully look at the proposed image. It is made up of many elements. After that, you should remember what first caught your eye.

The options are:

  • female face;
  • girl on the beach;
  • a boy on the shore;
  • water.

It is the first picture you see that will reveal some of the nuances and features of the character. Now it’s time to deal with each example from the list in more detail.

1) Woman’s face

The restraint of these people can be envied even by Olympians. This category of people rarely shows their true emotions. They are accustomed to looking at all events in life in cold blood.

Fountains of joy or anger may rage in their souls, but they will not show this to their loved ones. Surrounding perceive them as a steel block that can turn this world upside down at will.

2) The girl on the beach

The situation is a bit complicated. The presented persons spend a lot of time self-digging. They constantly analyze their actions and thoughts. Sometimes it plunges them into a real depression.

To protect their needs and opinions approach thoroughly. It is impossible a priori to manipulate people who saw this particular image first.

3) The boy on the beach

Curious and optimistic nature. Such people are in constant search of new emotions and impressions. They are very active.

It is impossible to knock them off the right course of action. They do not live in the past and quickly let go of all depressive moments.

4) Water

Natures are rather melancholy. Often these individuals suffer from bouts of depression and apathy. Any trifle and careless act can destroy their stable psycho-emotional background. The choice of environment is approached very carefully and scrupulously. Superfluous people are simply not allowed to approach them.

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