Test yourself: Can you spot the odd one face from the picture in 10 seconds?

You must identify a distinct face from a given image in the Brain Teaser Puzzle challenge we’ve given you today. You have only 15 seconds to locate the correct answer. If you can answer this problem in under 15 seconds, you are a genius. On social media, we frequently see a lot of these pictures and have to pick out the unusual ones.

You are seeing several faces in the challenge we have provided for you today in Brain Teaser Puzzle, and within each of these faces is a distinct face that you have to locate in only 15 seconds. We will now begin the task, and you are urged to carefully examine the image so that you can provide the answer within the allotted time.

Keep in mind that you only have 15 seconds. 

The time for your challenge has begun.

Did you see odd faces? No?

You are obviously a genius if you were able to identify the strange face following the suggestion, but if not, don’t be discouraged—we’ve indicated the solution in the image below with a circle.

Answer to the Picture Puzzle: The odd one face is the center of the 3rd row.

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