The best test: favorite fairy tales and a person’s character

Although we are all adults, at heart, we are still small children. This is why psychologists sometimes turn to the inner child in our subconscious. It can tell a lot: about mental trauma, our preferences, and a lot of other information. Today you have a chance to choose your favorite fairy tales and the character of a person will become completely clear to you.

The influence of a fairy tale on the formation of personality

This fact is not disputed. What children read or see in childhood, one way or another, is reflected in the formation of a person’s personality. Therefore, experts say that by remembering the fairy tale that resonated with you in your soul, you can calculate the behavior and character of a person and even give advice for working on yourself.

How does it work?

  • Your subconscious mind compares itself to a certain type of protagonist.
  • Analyzing the environment of the protagonist, we can say about human complexes.
  • According to the villains of the fairy tale, you can say what you don’t like in this life and possibly in yourself.
  • The fate of the protagonist personifies what may be happening to you.

Analyzing all this together, you can tell a lot about a person, having learned only his favorite fairy tale.

Favorite story and character: choose and learn something new about yourself!

Are you ready to find out the truth about yourself? Then choose:

1. Sleeping Beauty – Oriental wisdom is close to you and you are sure that there is no point in revenge because life is arranged according to the boomerang system. You are a calm and confident person. However, the lazy person lives in you.

2. Little Red Riding Hood – you are a person who loves adventure. There is always a craving for adventurism in your soul. You need your life to be always bright and rich. Otherwise, you may become depressed.

3. Cinderella – you are sure that love must be earned and this is very painstaking work. You will not be able to find peace until you are sure that you are worthy of your partner.

4. Beauty and the beast – you always keep your promises and are a very responsible person. The state of mind of a person is very important to you, and appearance does not play any role.

5. Ugly duckling – you have low self-esteem and because of this, everything in your life goes upside down. Therefore, you need to work on your inner state. Find harmony with yourself. Only then can you “experience flight.”

6. Frog Princess – you have a high intellect and a rich imagination. However, tension always grows in you, which is very difficult to reduce. It is formed due to the fact that you do not have a mutual understanding with the opposite sex.

7. Little Mermaid – to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. This is where your calling lies. You are very kind and have a special magnetism. It helps you through life! However, some of your surroundings take advantage of your kindness.

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