The quadruplets , whom gave birth a 65-year-old woman, became three-year-old

There are more and more women who give birth after forty years. This is due to the fact that at first women try to make a career, to ensure the future of their children.

However. It also happens that all this time up to forty a woman is trying to give birth.

But at 65? What could make the Berlin teacher Annegrett give birth at this age?

She just loves children very much, and the 10-year-old youngest daughter forgave her younger brother and sister. And Annegrett decided on IVF, although doctors warned about the risks.

But even doctors did not expect such a “risk” – pregnancy with four children at once!

A woman brings up all her children alone, however, and the state went to meet her, providing a house in Herster, away from the noisy and bustling Berlin, and now the life of this unusual family is full of small domestic adventures.

Annegrett Raunig is confident in the future of her children, feels healthy and full of energy, and is sure that everything in her family will be in order.

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