The ruined life of Amanda Bynes: how the star of the 2000s lost her career and ended up in a psychiatric hospital

Amanda Bynes was popular in the early 2000s. She belongs to the same generation of young celebrities as Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Amanda starred in 66 films, TV shows, and even her own show, but she could not cope with the fame that had fallen on her. The actress voluntarily ended her career at the age of 26, which shocked fans. How the star of the films “Hairspray”, “She’s the Man” and others lived in recent years and how she looks now.

Amanda Bynes was born on April 3, 1986. Her dental parents raised three children – two daughters and a son. The head of the family adored comedy films and theatrical performances and in every possible way encouraged Amanda’s creative work. The father noticed early that the girl had a talent for acting.

At the age of 7, Amanda Bynes was already performing at the famous Comedy Store club in Los Angeles, while trying her hand at local theater productions. Three years later, she was already a self-confident young actress.

At the age of 10, the girl made her film debut, appearing in the TV series “Stuff”.

When Amanda was only 13, Nickelodeon launched her personal project The Amanda Show. For four years, the program collected a huge amount of views, and Bynes was called one of the most beloved actresses on the TV show.

In 2002, Amanda starred in the feature film Big Fat Liar, where she was invited by the creator of many popular shows, producer Dan Schneider. And after this successful project, films with the participation of the actress began to appear on the screens regularly: “What a Girl Wants” (2003), “Love on an Island” (2005), “She’s a Man” (2006), “Hairspray” (2007) and others.

Bynes was named the best young comedy actress. She rejoiced at the success, but at the same time, she was sad that the directors and producers did not give her a chance to try herself in dramatic roles.

Meanwhile, while the audience was laughing at her funny cute heroines, a worse drama unfolded in the life of the actress than in a Hollywood movie. Amanda faced psychological problems in her youth. Many years later, she admitted that she had taken illegal drugs since the age of 16 and was dependent on psychotropic substances. According to the actress, she began to understand that something was wrong with her after filming the movie She’s a Man. “I looked at myself from the outside, and I didn’t like what I saw,” Bynes later confessed.

In 2010, the premiere of the romantic comedy “Easy A” starring Emma Stone took place. And after that, Amanda Bynes disappeared from the screens. Then the actress announced that she was ending her career. There was no limit to the surprise of the fans: how can you complete something that is just beginning so successfully?

Amanda’s life went downhill, as did her career. In a short time, the girl changed beyond recognition, and her name began to appear in scandalous and criminal news.

Problems rained down on Amanda’s head one by one. In a short time, she became the culprit of several accidents. During one of them, she was driving drunk. She was stripped of her driver’s license and sentenced to three years probation.

Amanda stopped giving interviews. Outwardly, she became unrecognizable due to the use of prohibited substances. The police arrested her several times for inappropriate behavior in public places. Bynes was forcibly sent to rehab at an expensive center in Malibu.

During a rare interaction with the press, Amanda admitted that her life was ruined. And to fill the hole in her life, the girl went to college. To combat excess weight, Amanda began to take heavy pills that adversely affected her health and psyche. As a result, in 2014, the once successful actress ended up in a psychiatric hospital, where she spent a year.

In 2019, Amanda was again in rehab. There she met Paul Michael, who seemed to revive her will to live. After returning from the clinic, Bynes took up her appearance: she lost weight and even got prettier.

The ex-actress even told fans the good news: she and Paul got engaged and are expecting a baby. True, after the publication of an ultrasound picture on Instagram, the lovers immediately deleted the information. And soon Bynes liquidated her page on the social network.

There had been no news of Amanda for the past year. It is not known whether her baby was born or not.

In 2021, the paparazzi photographed a couple on a walk – a tall man and a plump young woman with long black hair. And in it, the fans did not immediately recognize Amanda Bynes. She recovered greatly and became ugly again.

It is known that Amanda Bynes is still under the care of her mother. In 2014, when she entered treatment, the actress was deprived of the right to manage finances and make important decisions for herself. Initially, the court extended guardianship until 2023. Then, according to previously available data, Bynes had to draw up a report on her health and convince the court that she could manage her life sensibly.

In an interview with People, Amanda’s representative said that custody could be removed at any time if his client gives good reasons for this. But, judging by the way Amanda looks now, things are not going well for her. News about her “liberation” from the supervision of her relatives has not been received, and it is unlikely that they should be expected in the near future.

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