The size of your hand will help you determine your psychological portrait

According to the observations of psychologists, the size of our hands can tell a lot about our character! Don’t believe it? Then take our simple quiz and see for yourself!

Test: Measure your hand and find out the features of your character

Straighten the hand on the right or left hand. Then place your thumb on the elbow of your other hand and try to reach your wrist with your middle finger. If you succeeded, then you have a large hand. If the distance between the middle finger and the wrist turned out to be very small, you have a medium hand. If the distance turned out to be large, you have a small hand.

Big hand

You are a sensitive and vulnerable person. You often have to overcome your own shyness and timidity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your goals. You just do it in your own, more sophisticated and cunning ways.

To achieve greater success in life, you need to fight your shyness. Believe in yourself, and learn to express your ideas clearly and clearly to the people around you. Only in this case, you can count on good results.

Middle hand

You are emotionally stable. You are very difficult to piss off and therefore you rarely enter into disputes and conflicts. But this does not mean at all that you have a large number of friends, because you take friendship very seriously and prefer to get close only to people who have been tested by time.

You may be advised to show more emotion. Too calm and measured life, over time, turns into a gray, endless routine, which can lead to prolonged depression.

Small hand

You can be called a very energetic and purposeful person who is not afraid of problems but prefers to solve them urgently. Your irrepressible energy helps you a lot, both at work and in your personal life.

However, your energy and swiftness often lead to physical and emotional exhaustion. Try to save your energy reserves and act more measuredly.

If you still doubt the correctness of our test, share it on the Internet and test it on your friends or girlfriends!

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