The size of your little finger can reveal something about your personality

Hands are amazing things. With their help, we communicate, build relationships, cook food, applaud … But did you know that our hands can tell a lot about our character?

For example, very important information can be found by the length of the little finger relative to the ring finger. It may seem strange to you, but it’s true!

Look at your little finger and determine from the picture above which type it is: 1, 2, or 3.

Now read what it means:

First type.

If the little finger ends at the level of the first line of the ring finger, this indicates a balanced personality. Such a person has a penchant for order, peacefulness, he instinctively moves away from chaos.

He likes everything to be in its place, but at the same time, he is not a pedant and a perfectionist, from which everyone is sick. What can make him nervous is the lack of balance in life.

A person with this palm shape is emotionally, sexually, and intellectually balanced. His thoughts are calm, decisions are calculated, opinions are formed after thoughtful analysis.

He will think things through carefully before speaking or drawing a conclusion. His confidence comes from a deep understanding of his own personality, so it is difficult to shake him.


The first type has a healthy spleen and stomach. The risk is a tendency to depression, so you should communicate with friends more often!

Second type.

If the little finger protrudes just above the first line of the ring finger, then the person belongs to the type of people who always give more than what is required of them. Whether it be professional activities, personal life, or romantic relationships. And it comes from an internal need, and not on someone’s orders. Such generosity makes them different from everyone else.

A person of this type can be trusted with any secret. He will tactfully and carefully handle the information received.

It is difficult to shake his mind. The only thing he expects from others is justice. And although he gives love and generosity of his own free will, he still wants to receive something similar in return. No, he will not ask for it, but deep down he is waiting.

The owner of such a hand instinctively reaches out to those who understand his soul and accept him as he is, without conventions.


Like the first type, the second has a healthy spleen and stomach. But being overly focused can lead to stress, so don’t forget to rest!

Third type.

This type is indicated by a short little finger that does not reach the first line of the ring finger. The owner of such a feature of the hand is an emotional, sensitive person and very susceptible to pain if it is delivered by those whom he trusts the most.

Such a person is always ready to put aside his affairs in order to come to the aid of another. If he let someone into his heart and soul, then for life. But when he is betrayed or acted differently from what he expects, it causes him deep pain, because he is not ready for such a turn.

On the other hand, such sensuality allows a person of this type to understand the emotions of other people well, to put himself in their place. He can generously give the world the warmth of his soul, and these rare qualities attract to him those who need humanity, attention, care.


There is a risk of digestive disorders, so watch your diet and drink plenty of water.

Well, did it match? Now you can test others!

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