The way you carry your bag can tell a lot about you: choose one of the characters and see it for yourself

For an attentive observer, there is no such aspect of a person’s life or behavior from which he would not draw the appropriate conclusions. Everything can be a mirror reflecting our nature, you just need to look closely. In the next test, you will find answers to questions that relate to our worldview. Remember that your decision must be spontaneous!

First figure

People who choose backpacks over bags are by nature adventurous, have an interesting world, and are always interested in the news. They prefer backpacks, because. they are comfortable and roomy. They contain everything that you may need in various life situations: from a toothbrush to a match. They are ready for another adventure or journey at any moment. Naturally spontaneous and at the same time reliable. With them, it is possible both in fire and in water.

Second figure

Walking with a purse in hand is a habit of people who need to have control over the situation. This need does not stem from a sense of superiority over the environment but is caused by the fear that something might go wrong and fail completely. People walking with a bag in their hands are distinguished by sincerity and spontaneity. They take care of their loved ones and protect them as their greatest treasure.

Third figure

Those who carry a shoulder bag tend to love books. They walk with a bag on their shoulder, because so they are more comfortable, and thus they can lift more weight. Subway, bus stop, or cafe – this is any place where you can once again open a book and immerse yourself in reading. These are people of great tact, they know how to tell the truth to others without insults.

Fourth figure

Persons whose bag is hung over their head and rests on the opposite shoulder are by nature cautious. They have no trust in others and in the world. In addition, they carry their belongings next to them so that no one steals them. These are, as a rule, generous people, they appreciate sincere friendship and selfless love. They give their loved ones everything they have and even more, just to see a smile on their face.

Fifth figure

Those who carry the bag in this way are extraordinary and stormy people. It is interesting to communicate with them, they inspire others. These people carry the bag in such a strange way to free their hands to help them express themselves. Body language is less important to them than verbal text.

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