This interesting puzzle is worth trying to solve with the whole family

You should spend as much time with loved ones as possible. It’s so nice to talk together about everything in the world, play board games or try to solve a logic puzzle, competing to see who can do it faster.

During his lunch break, the detective decided to look into the house, but at the entrance, he came across an unexpected obstacle. His two neighbors, Mrs. Solomon, and Mrs. Winters were arguing fiercely. The detective decided to find out what was the matter.

– Excuse me, but why all the fuss? he turned to one of the ladies.

– Oh, detective, how good of you to come! You see, this old bat tried to steal my things, Mrs. Solomon said.

– How dare you? said Mrs. Winters at once.- I wouldn’t touch your rags with a finger!

– Wait, ladies, the detective tried to separate them. – Mrs. Solomon, tell everything from the very beginning.

– Detective, this morning I washed my expensive underwear and a few dresses and hung them out to dry in the yard. Half an hour later I looked out the window and saw Mrs. Winters folding my things and stuffing them into her huge bag.

– And you believe her? asked Mrs. Winters, seething with anger. – I don’t need her things for anything, you can even search my apartment!

– Don’t worry so much, Mrs. Winters. I’m pretty sure you didn’t take Mrs. Solomon’s things. By the way, she will have to apologize to you for the slander. I hope this helps you end your endless quarrels. However, the identity of the perpetrator who stole Mrs. Solomon’s belongings is still undisclosed, so let’s go to my place and you will tell me everything that you have seen a suspicious person in the last few days.

What allowed the detective to question Mrs. Solomon’s accusations against the neighbor?


Judging by the clothes of all the people standing at the entrance, it is quite frosty outside. In winter, wet laundry hung out on the street will freeze in a few minutes, and it will be impossible to roll it up and hide it in a bag. Therefore, wanting to annoy Mrs. Winters, Mrs. Solomon invented this story and told it to the detective.

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