Today it isn’t easy to distinguish her from a guy. What did the bodybuilder look like before the transformation?

Time dictates its own rules, friends. Today, many girls prefer a more comfortable style, and young guys do not hesitate, to flaunt extended nails and bright makeup.

However, sometimes a person’s appearance does not depend on fashion preferences, but on the chosen path.

So, for example, today I would like to tell you about a girl who became famous all over the world thanks to her achievements in sports.

By the way, many people confuse Margarita Nashchekina with a guy. It is difficult to discern the true sex in this muscular beauty.

Today Nashchekina lives in Saratov and is a well-known coach. Rita calmly reacts to the attacks of ill-wishers who are haunted by her unusual appearance.

Do you know what Margarita looked like before her transformation?

Would you recognize Nashchekina in this pretty blonde?

How do you like the transformation? What do you think about this?

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