“Was She Really a Supermodel?”: What Does Plump Tyra Banks Look Like Now?

Nothing is worse for a model than losing the body that their admirers previously cherished. Learn more about Tyra Banks’ life narrative and current appearance as we explore her career in fashion throughout the 1990s. Specifically in our content!

Tyra Banks, when 17 years old, started her career in Paris in 1990. She made history by being the first black model to be featured in Victoria’s Secret ads.

As the elegant Taira entered the camera’s field of view for the first time, she immediately won everyone over with her uniqueness and distinctive physical characteristics. She thus became a sought-after model for several fashion brands.

After 7 years, Victoria’s Secret took notice of her, becoming her the company’s spokesperson for the following 8 years. Tyra was worn out by the demanding schedule, requirements, diets, and training, so she left for TV, where she also found great success.

She was the inspiration behind and the face of one of the most watched television programs on the globe, “America’s Next Top Model”!

She continued to scale new media heights after realizing how talented she was. She has published a number of novels while ignoring catwalks and restrictive diets.

Tyra Banks, an icon of TV and fashion, has just become the subject of new internet images.

She has put on a lot of weight and appears to no longer care about how she looks.

What do you think about the look of the former Victoria’s Secret model?

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