What are you afraid of? This test will help you recognize your fears

Everyone has their own fears and phobias. We are all afraid, and there is nothing strange in this.

Many people, until they get in touch with their greatest fear, may not even realize it. Often we also hide from ourselves that we feel fear. We push it into the subconscious.

Want to know what your biggest hidden fear is?

The first glance will reveal what you truly fear the most in the world. Remember, in order not to analyze, do not look too long.

First, you noticed an apple

You are most afraid of death. The vision of death scares you.  We all feel that kind of fear, but that fear paralyzes you.

You are afraid that you will lose all your loved ones. You often have nightmares about death in the title role.  Don’t be so afraid of the inevitable. As one wise man said, what is born will surely die, and what dies will be reborn again. Like nature, plants, and people …

First, you noticed a butterfly

Betrayal is your biggest fear. You are afraid that you will be deceived. This fear prevents you from functioning normally and from building relationships with other people. You cannot trust and are afraid that everyone around you will cheat on you. You have probably already experienced betrayal and you can’t handle it. Your anxiety may also be related to childhood trauma.

You should not be so afraid of this, in many ways it is your expectations that work this way, each person acts according to his conscience, according to karma. If this offends you, try to accept and step back, do not burn your own energy by building castles in the air.

First, you noticed the knife

You are afraid of sickness and death. You are frightened by the aging process and the inevitable passage of time. You cannot accept the fact that over time your health will get worse and worse. Your greatest fear is a terminal illness and the pain and helplessness that accompanies it.

Do not think about it, thought is matter. Think about something nice. And if you monitor your health, nutrition, and thoughts, then in many ways it will be possible to avoid this.

First, you noticed the caterpillar

You are very afraid of the supernatural. You feel a strong fear of ghosts. You believe in demons, corruption, and the evil eye, and often attribute unpleasant events to this, such as feeling unwell. You are easily frightened. You are a very trusting person.

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