What did you see first?

Are you capable of change? A simple test will show how dedicated and loyal you are.

Some go left at the first opportunity. Others will never betray a loved one and remain faithful in any circumstances. The third act according to the situation …

And you?

Look at the picture and say what you saw first.

Now read the result:

1. Birds.

If you saw birds first, then you are very loyal and emotional. You will never cheat on a partner unless you decide that he is no longer suitable for you. You believe in fate and love to the grave.

At the same time, you often fall in love and each time you think that this is forever. You don’t like cheating, but sometimes you just can’t help it. You obey your feelings and heart in everything, and they are quite changeable.

2. Tree.

You are one of those who will never deceive or betray. You think that loyalty is the most important quality of a person. You have very clear moral convictions.

You often ignore your feelings. You can easily keep a painful relationship year after year just because you think it’s right. You put someone else’s well-being above your own; as a result, you often forget about yourself and harm yourself.

3. Houses.

You cheat and cheat regularly. Impermanence is part of your character. You do not plan to change, but for some reason, it always turns out that way.

As soon as the slightest roughness arises in your relationship, you immediately turn left. Instead of discussing your emotions and expectations with your partner, you are looking for satisfaction on the side. In this way, you are trying to achieve happiness, but in the end, all your relationships fall apart.

4. Elephant.

You know how to learn from your mistakes and draw conclusions. You cheated once and you won’t let it happen again.

You realized that betrayal destroys both the victim and the perpetrator. Even if the truth has not come to light, it still eats away at you from the inside.

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