What did you see first?

The reciprocal feeling sometimes does not come immediately when you fall in love with someone. And that leaves you alone with a very difficult puzzle to solve: does he like you too?

Of course, you can ask a guy about it, but most girls don’t really want to ask questions and are rejected, not to mention the awkwardness that will follow from all this.

Luckily, there is a simple optical illusion personality test that will help you find out once and for all how he feels about you. And then you can act accordingly!

There is nothing easier! All you have to do is take a look at the image below. Once you’ve done this, be sure to capture the first animal you see. And it’s not cheating!

1. Cat

If you saw a cat first when you looked at an image, it means that you have a hard time judging other people’s feelings because you often fixate on yourself.

This is completely normal! It’s really hard to go beyond your own head, but until you do that, you’ll never be able to understand how the other person is really feeling.

So the next time you’re together, put your feelings aside and pay close attention to his actions. Most likely, in this way you can easily get an answer.

2. Butterfly

If you were the first to see a butterfly when you looked at an image, this is indicative of how you see the people around you and the world! Seeing a butterfly indicates a tendency to take a closer look at situations around you.

So if you saw a butterfly and you think that the man you like likes you, you are probably right! Your instincts are usually correct. Don’t be afraid to listen to them!

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