What did you see first in these images?

We notice certain features depending on our thoughts, and this, in turn, shows what is of paramount importance to us.

Look at these 6 optical illusions and find out what kind of person you really are.

So what did you see first in these images?

1. Your mental age

Your mental age can be judged by what you see first. Mental age does not mean how smart or quick-witted you are. It shows how you look at the world: as a child or as an adult.

a) Old man

If you first saw the old man, you are a person who thinks quite maturely. You have seen a lot, experienced ups and downs, and look at the world as it is.

You have experience and knowledge that have helped you grow as a person and become wiser. Also, judging by what you saw first, we can say that you are a calm and modest person.

b) Girl

If you saw a girl in this illusion, it means that you are still a child at heart. You look at the world with childlike curiosity.

Despite your experiences and challenges, you have managed to keep your sincerity and learned to enjoy simple things. This is a very rare quality that many of us forget when we grow up.

2. Attention to detail

This illusion will help you answer the question of how attentive you are. It will give clues whether you are paying attention to details or seeing the big picture. So what did you see first?

a) Old couple

If you first saw an older couple, you are looking at the whole situation. You do not get stuck on trifles, and always see the picture from a bird’s eye view.

By nature, you are a strategist and can become an excellent manager. You know how to plan, and you do not care about small problems.

b) Three people

If you first saw three people: two men in the foreground and a woman in the background, then you have incredible attention to detail. You pay attention to nuances that others may not be aware of.

You are scrupulous, and little can escape your eyes. You are one of the people who are very good at planning things down to the smallest detail. In a word, you prefer to learn everything in detail, rather than superficially.

3. Optimist or pessimist

This illusion with a cat on the stairs allows you to look at it from different points of view.

Answer the question: does this cat go up or down?

a) The cat goes upstairs

If it seems to you that the cat is going upstairs, then you are most likely an optimist. You see opportunities and development wherever you are.

You are used to looking for ways to rise in life, and in a situation where you have the choice to rise above the rest or fall to their level, you will always be the best. You are ambitious, and no one but you will stop you from achieving in life.

b) The cat is going down

If it seemed to you that the cat was going down, you are a little pessimistic by nature. You are a skeptic, to be honest. Perhaps this is due to your experiences in life or the people you met along the way.

This suggests that you have a hard time trusting others, you calculate before you make a move, and you are suspicious of people who are too kind.

Despite your pessimism, you are much more perceptive than the rest, and it is almost impossible to deceive you.

4. Spontaneous or like to ponder

In this image, you can see two animals with different characteristics. Depending on what you see first, you can tell how spontaneous and fast you are, or you need time to think things through.

a) Rabbit

Rabbits are fast, agile creatures that are always on the move. If you first saw a rabbit, then you are quick-witted and endowed with charm.

You are spontaneous and active, always ready to respond, and savvy. You are fluent in the art of sarcasm and have a good sense of humor. You do not like to reflect on the past but live in the moment, devoting yourself to the cause without a trace.

b) Duck

Ducks appear calm on the outside, but beneath the surface of the water, they paddle furiously to swim forward. If you saw a duck in the first place, then you are a balanced and reserved person who constantly thinks about everything.

You are profound and your mind is active all the time. You may not show it, but your mind is constantly busy with important thoughts about the meaning of what is happening. This is a rare quality, as people tend to talk more than they think, and you are the complete opposite. You think before you speak or act.

5. How dirty your mind is

What you see in this image may tell you how careful or inclined you are to look at everything from a sexual point of view.

a) Intimate area

If you, looking at the picture, first of all, saw the intimate area of ​​\u200b\u200ba woman, then you have a healthy sexual appetite. Almost all people tend to think about procreation, and images of a piquant character immediately grab our attention, even when we are not aware of it. Don’t worry, you’re not a pervert.

b) Grass in the wind

You are truly unique if you can see grass swaying in the wind in this image. This is quite difficult to immediately notice, and therefore suggests that you have a unique ability to stop before drawing any conclusions.

You look at everything from different points of view and are not limited to the obvious. You could become an excellent detective, as you can see deeper than it seems at first glance.

6. How trustworthy are you?

This image will show how much you tend to consider different circumstances when you think or talk about something. It will help to tell how gullible you are or vice versa do not lose vigilance.

a) Columns

If looking at the image, you first saw the columns, you are one of the people who easily trust others.

You tend to trust implicitly and believe in the innate goodness of people. You trust others because, first of all, you treat people who can be trusted.

For this reason, you see this quality in others and believe what you are told. It may seem that you are naive, but there are so few sincere and honest people left in the world, which you are.

b) Women

If in the image you notice women, then you belong to that rare type of people who can go beyond the obvious.

You have the unique ability to read between the lines. As a rule, you feel through lies and deceit, are observant, able to draw conclusions, and ask questions.

The truth is not obvious to you, but you seek it patiently and coolly. You are the type of person who only trusts someone when they have complete confidence in the person. Actions mean more to you than words.

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