What did you see first?

Often we ourselves do not know the true reasons for the actions that we commit. You can lift the veil of secrecy with the help of various psychological tests. Methods based on the choice of any one image option from the proposed ones cannot boast of high accuracy.No, the judgments are correct and reliable. It’s just that many people try to analyze each image in advance and adjust the answer to the desired result. Because of this, the quality of the method also decreases.

This technique is also based on visual images. It’s just that it’s a little different from the ones above. The fact is that in our case, you only need to remember the image. The proposed picture belongs to the category of so-called optical illusions.

The options that a person can see are as follows:

  • tree;
  • persons;
  • eyes.

What you considered first will tell you about your character and behavior. Now let’s take a closer look at each item from the list.


This is the image that extroverts see first. These people can be safely called the soul of the company. They are very cheerful, charismatic, and active. Almost always presented people live at the peak of strength and energy.

It is very easy for them to communicate with others. They try to approach the solution of problems in a complex way. That is, such people first seek to eliminate the root cause of the situation that has arisen, and only after that do they deal with the consequences.


Such citizens are characterized by an ideal balance of altruism and selfishness. Such persons will not be stingy with their own interests and tasks, but they will not pull the blanket over themselves too much.

Natural kindness makes the presented people quickly forget all the unpleasant moments and difficult situations that have arisen in life.


Very reserved nature. It can be difficult for such individuals to make new acquaintances. Secret secrets you are ready to share only with relatives and friends. You don’t pay attention to anyone else. In love, you almost never make the first move, expecting something from your partner.

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