What do you need to be in harmony with yourself? Test “Room in the house”

This test may seem frivolous and even playful, but it will allow you to “see” the processes taking place in your inner space and understand what you are missing at the moment.

The point of the test

Imagine that you were given a house and a certain amount for the repair of just one room in it. Decide which room you will renovate? To answer the question, think about what room is most important to you right now?


New social contacts are extremely important for you. The primary task for you is to actively develop in the social sphere. You need fresh impressions, a change of scenery, and new acquaintances. It is problematic to get this in conditions of forced self-isolation, but it is not eternal. Therefore, sketch out a plan for your future accomplishments in advance and start dreaming about how you will implement it after the removal of the self-isolation regime.

Living room

You are worried about your place in society. Perhaps your social status has changed. Perhaps your attitude towards him has changed. You need new behaviors and new guidelines. It is very important to decide on them, relying only on your own opinion, without turning to advisers. The temptation to use someone else’s “recipe” is great, but this will not bring satisfaction. Do not attach excessive importance to appearance, do not chase after a fashion. You are valuable for what you create, not for what you wear.


You really, really, really need a break. And a drop of simple joys: a long sound sleep on fresh-smelling sheets, delicious food, a glass of wine, a warm relaxing bath, massage. You are tired, and the brain signals that it is overloaded. Make it a rule at the end of work, project, or task to fully realize the fruits of your labor and enjoy them, and not immediately rush to new tasks. If you do not adhere to this rule, overwork and dissatisfaction with yourself and your activities will soon come.

Dining room

You lack warmth and attention. Your vitality is running out and they urgently need to be nourished. Perhaps you are experiencing prolonged stress, perhaps you have a lack of communication with loved ones, and perhaps you are carrying more cargo than you can handle. Either way, give yourself a chance to shake things up. Changing activities and choosing a new hobby work great. Traveling to places where you have not been yet being also effective. But while quarantine restrictions are in effect, one has to be content only with making plans. Although rearranging the furniture, changing the curtains, and replacing the ceiling lamp with a sconce or floor lamp with soft diffused light will provide a short-term feeling of novelty.


You have a lot of strength and resources not only to survive temporary inconveniences but also to change something in your life. Remember what your strongest character traits are and activate them. Your inner world is ready for change.


You are inundated with deeds that have lost their relevance, old grievances, painful memories, and habits that interfere with normal. You just need to clear the “Augean stables”. Reconsider your views on the world, forgive your offenders and immediately forget about them, sort out the balcony, pantry, far corners in the closets, arrange a fasting day for yourself and thereby prepare yourself for liberation from the mental burden.

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