What does Eminem’s 26-year-old daughter look like now? For the first time in a long time, the paparazzi captured pictures of the rapper and his heiress!

The only child Eminem has with his ex-wife Kimberly Ann Scott is named Haley Jade. The artist kept the heiress out of the public’s direct view for a very long period. However, Hayley is now 26 years old and actively engages in social media, where she frequently shares her breathtaking images.

Meeting the girl and her father together is quite uncommon; they don’t post combined photos on social media. Hailey and her father seldom ever show up in a busy area. She leads a fulfilling life and will graduate from psychology at the University of Michigan in 2020.

The paparazzi, however, struck gold recently when they managed to capture Hayley and Eminem in Los Angeles at the Microsoft Theater. The child actually came to support her father on a significant day. When Eminem received his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.

The introduction event took place on November 5. Along with the American singer Pat Benatar, the concert also included performances by the British bands’ Lionel Richie, Carly Simon, and Dolly Parton, and the bands Duran Duran and Eurythmics.

For the important occasion, the father and daughter both dressed in black jeans, white t-shirts, black caps, and casual tops.

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