What does the shape of your hands tell you about yourself?

The lines on your hands are not the only way to determine your personality and character. The length of your fingers and the curve of your palm may also reveal a lot. Let’s look at each kind and see what it all entails!

Form No. 1 – fire

A wide palm and short fingers distinguish fire hands. The shorter the fingers, the more obstinate this individual is.

People with such hands are enthusiastic and natural leaders.

They make prompt judgments, which is precisely what is needed while working in a team!

Form no. 2 – water

These hands feature a narrow oblong palm form with extremely lengthy digits.

Owners of such hands are often resourceful individuals with adaptable attitudes. These folks are also incredibly amorous and sensitive.

People with such hands like music, poetry, and other arts. They typically flourish in occupations that require them to care for others, such as philanthropic work or spiritual leadership!

Form no.3 – earth

The earth hand is distinguished by square palms and extremely short fingers. This personality type is known to be highly responsible. Their primary goals are security and stability.

People with earthy hands are usually calm and tranquil when it comes to emotions.

Form no. 4 – air

The palm of such hands is rectangular or square. The length of the fingers is nearly the same as the length of the palm.

Such hands suggest a high level of intelligence and communication abilities. Those with such hands are likewise prone to overworking. As a result, they may appear to be utterly disconnected from the world around them.

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