What the lines on the wrist can tell

Palmistry is an ancient science that allows you to read the fate of a person along the lines on the wrists and palms. Every sign and every detail is important here. Some we acquire in our lifetime! Scar – can tell about your surgery or trauma. However, we are born with lines on our hands. They are the harbingers of our destiny.

Today you can learn about some of the aspects that your destiny has prepared. What do these lines on the wrist say?

1. First line – tells about your health and life

This line on your wrist reflects your health and how long you will live. Take a look, what do you notice?

Is the line very pronounced and long? This means that you will live a very long time and at the same time you will have excellent health.

If the line is sometimes interrupted, then you may have serious turning points in your life.

Is the line hard to see? This means that you will have health problems from birth.

It is worth noting that you can always change your health if you treat it properly. So you can easily change fate.

2. The second line – reflects your material aspect of life

The presented line can tell you about what success you will achieve in your career and material terms.

The line is clear and deep – you are a leader who will reach unprecedented heights.

The line is short and pronounced – you will earn a lot.

If the line is blurred, then materially you will encounter obstacles.

It is important to remember that fate rewards those who will try and move towards the goal. Everyone can change the material deposit.

3. Third line – interaction with other people

This sign indicates how we can influence the fate of other people, and what trace remains after communicating with us.

If the line is pronounced, then you know how to influence people.

A long line indicates your friendliness and sociability.

Closed people do not have this line.

If the line is long and at the same time intermittent, then this is the “stigma” of the dictator. You are a very tough person who loves superiority. You have pronounced high self-esteem.

4. The fourth line – speaks of the family

How you will become a family man and how “prolific” – the fourth line will tell you about it.

A long and bright-line indicates that you are simply born to create a strong family.

If the line is broken, then you can calculate how many children you will have.

A short line speaks of your windiness in a love relationship.

You should always remember that lines change even with age. In addition, each person is the arbiter of his own destiny. This means that you can always change what is destined if you wish.

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