What you originally observe will reveal your true self!

What was the first item that drew your attention?


If you initially spotted a dolphin, it signifies you have the outer focus of a wealthy life. A dolphin is leaping through hoops, and you are most likely leaping through hoops in your life and job to achieve your goals. Making enough money to live the life you’ve always wanted may be one of your top objectives right now!

While working on having certain income flow easily, keep in mind that you don’t need a specific quantity of money to be happy and live the life of your desires. Instead of going to a job you despise, pursue your heart’s desire. If you can discover something that meets your fundamental wants and try to make the world a better place, your days will be really fulfilling, and you will most likely be a lot happier as a result!

Silhouette of a woman and stars

If you spotted the shape of the woman with the stars first, she represents your comprehension of how deep and complicated your inner world is. You’ve most likely spent a significant amount of time gaining knowledge of your personal feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and ideas, and while you may not have “got it all,” you’re already halfway there.

In truth, we are awake and aware, and the solution cannot be read; it must be directly experienced in periods of quiet thought and meditation. Many ancient scriptures recommend beginning your search in the calm region inside your heart!

Woman silhouette, sky, and ocean

If you saw this at first, it signifies you are gradually realizing the reality in life. You’ve also understood that you’re comprised of the same stuff as the rest of the Universe. “A person is both universal and distinctive when he no longer confuses himself with the definition that others have given him.”

Woman in a red dress

If you initially observed a woman in a red dress, it implies you are one of the select and rare people who can see past life’s illusions and discover your true self. You are a sweet, caring, and kind individual.

Years of emotional self-development, meditation, and a profound capacity to listen to your inner voice have enabled you to let go of all negative thoughts about that.

The red clothing represents your willingness to freely share your loving and caring heart with others.

Sky or ocean

If you first saw the sky or the sea, it signifies your strong love of nature. After a while, you may discover that what you were looking for was already in your heart!

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