What does a girl who weighed 30 kg look like today

“I wanted to be better”

A young resident of Australia, Sarah Rav, decided to correct her figure and become slimmer, but in the end, this led to big health problems.

The girl began to limit herself in nutrition, as a result, she consumed about 400 calories a day, while running for three hours daily. Soon, her weight was already only 30 kg, her hair began to fall out, and her general health deteriorated.

The teachers of the medical school, in which Sarah was studying at that time, noticed this and forbade her to come to class. As a result, the girl ended up in a clinic, where she was helped to cope with this problem.

Today, Rav looks good, she plans to become a professional doctor and help her patients.

Despite the fact that the most difficult is already over, she is still sometimes visited by gloomy thoughts, but she manages to cope with this and move forward towards her dream.

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