You are a high IQ genius if you can find the time traveler in the early man picture within 4 seconds!

Take this test to find out your IQ.

Puzzles that stretch your mind and put your lateral thinking abilities to the test are a lot of fun. They might be straightforward or intricate, but they all share the same trait in that they must all be handled creatively. In order to stimulate your brain, we have created a fun and tough brain problem for you. Are you ready to challenge your brain and have fun along the way? Let’s get going.

Find the time traveler in 4 seconds.

Let’s look at the image puzzle brainteaser for today.

The picture up top dates back to a time when prehistoric man first began to colonize the earth. These people relied primarily on animals for food and clothing, wore animal fur, started fires using the friction of rocks, and sketched on rocks and caves. Six early-morning males may be seen in the shot above going about their daily tasks. One of the six pioneer men comes from the future. It is now your responsibility to find the time traveler concealed in this photo puzzle brainteaser. This brain teaser has a 4-second time restriction. So start the clock and get going. Your time has begun. All the best.

If you are unable to locate the time traveler within the allotted time, do not panic. The answer to this brain problem may be found at the conclusion of this article. If you are unable to locate the time traveler, scroll down to reveal the answer.

Brain Teaser Solution.

In his hand, the time traveler holds a flashlight. Check it out for yourself:

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