“You probably have no idea!”: Can you guess what this item is?

Everything changes over time, especially technology. Sometimes we find old things in out grandparents’ houses and can’s even imagine what it might be. One day, our modern devices will become old and the next generations will have no idea what phones, for example, are. But it’s also refreshing finding old things and trying to puzzle out what they are.

Here is a challenge for you from the past. Try to figure out what this is and then check if you were right or close to the answer!

You might easily realize what this is if you are familiar with the ’30s. If you still can’t figure out what this is, scroll down to find the answer!

This odd-looking item is a vacuum cleaner from the 1930s, also known as the Hercules. Now look at what kind of vacuum cleaners we have today and imagine what a great challenge it was for people back in those days to use this. Human life has become quite easy thanks to years-worth improvements in technology.

The Hercules vacuum cleaner used to be a very stylish machine back then. This one in the picture is actually covered with crocodile skin, making it rather expensive to buy. Moreover, this luxurious machine was sold during the Great Depression – a period of time when most families could hardly make ends meet.

If you knew what this machine was, show it to your kids or grandchildren and see if they can figure it out!

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